Nicolas Pineault - Health Journalist
Nicolas Pineault - Health Journalist

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Low energy1
  • Weight gain2
  • Hormonal disruption3
  • Premature aging4
  • Joint pain5
  • Headaches6
  • Arrhythmia7
  • Blood sugar swings8
  • Bloating or reflux9
  • Tinnitus10
  • Depression, mood swings or anxiety11
  • Memory loss12
  • Insomnia13
  • Low sex drive14
  • High blood pressure

Believe it or not, the latest science shows that your cell phone might be the cause — silently zapping your health away every second it’s turned on.

Let me ask you this...

Do you often use your cell phone right next to your head?

Do you carry it in your front pocket, back pocket or bra?

Or worse... do you keep it by your bedside or under your pillow all night long?

If so, you’re basically playing Russian Roulette with your health.

The good news:

Did you know there’s a simple way to reduce these health risks by 95% — just by changing the way you currently use your phone?

In fact, once you discover how the multiple sources of electro-magnetic field radiation (EMFs for short) in your life have been slowing down your health for all those years, you’ll be able to start experiencing the kind of vibrant health you thought was IMPOSSIBLE.

It’s Not Just Your Cell Phone.

Other Sources Of Wireless Radiation

  • Tablets
  • Bluetooth accessories & wearables
  • Desktop or laptop computers
  • Smart meters
  • Cellular towers
  • High-voltage power lines

All you have to do is read the article below to discover how to fix all the “health-zapping” ways you currently use your cell phone.

By the way... everything you’ll learn below is evidence-based.

What you’re going to uncover doesn’t require you to stop using technology (I used radiation to put this on the Internet, after all!), to live off the grid, or to buy some expensive case, magic sticker, or any of these shady solutions that all claim to somehow make cell phone radiation safe again.

Let me assure you that this article is NOT based on opinion or fear — but on the latest independent scientific research from all around the globe. This is why dozens of doctors, PhDs, investigative journalists and prestigious health experts — including Dr. Joseph Mercola, owner of the #1 health-related website in the world — have proudly endorsed this work.

And this information is CRITICAL for everyone — even those who don’t personally own a cell phone, or who live far from large city centers.

No matter your age, your goal, your experience or how good you think your health already is: if you are exposed to cell phone radiation (which you do 24/7 even if you never use a phone), this information will revolutionize your sleep quality, your detox and repair mechanisms, your energy levels, your hormonal and weight regulation and your overall health in a profound way.

My name is Nicolas Pineault, and I’m an investigative journalist from Montreal, Canada. I’ve spent the last 10+ years reading papers, studies, articles and every single bit of information under the sun to master my knowledge of nutrition, environmental toxins and how we can enjoy vibrant health even in our increasingly polluted world.

After years of research, I’ve started exposing a LOT of dirty tricks the food industry pulls on consumers – and was one of the first ones to report (back in 2012) on the fact that most olive oils sold in the US are in fact fake.15

I also published thousands of articles about the health effects of various environmental toxins — like glyphosate and heavy metal contamination in food, air quality, mold toxins and much more… but NOTHING prepared me for the appalling discoveries I’ll reveal below about how toxic electro-magnetic field (EMF) pollution really is.

But I do have to warn you.
What you’re about to read is highly controversial, and will probably SHOCK you.

After all, the mainstream media, most health professionals and the Telecom industry continue to believe the total myth that cell phone radiation is perfectly safe, while completely ignoring the brand new emerging science published on its very REAL dangers.

Look — I know you’re smart, and that you want to be as healthy as possible for yourself and your family. That’s why you NEED to learn the truth about cell phone radiation and how this invisible toxin is currently zapping your health in a serious way — and how to eliminate 95% of your exposure in just a few seconds.

But if you believe everything you hear in the media is 100% true, that there’s no way cell phone radiation can affect human health and simply can’t face the fact that you’ve been fed a lot of lies for a LONG time… go ahead and close this page… but understand that you’ll likely continue to unknowingly experience the inevitable symptoms of excess radiation for the rest of your life...

There are 3 ways you should NEVER hold or carry your cell phone, laptop computer, tablet and other wireless device — because they each expose your body to health-zapping amounts of radiation...

Below, you’ll find all 3 ways, and you’ll also learn how easy it is to reduce your exposure to this invisible and odorless toxin — while improving your sleep quality, energy levels, reducing your cancer risks and making every healthy food, supplement, exercise routine or health regimen you’re currently following even more effective.

Cell Phone Mistake #1
Using It Next To Your Head

“You should NEVER use a cell phone right next to your head — unless you couldn’t care less about getting brain cancer.”

That’s not me saying it. This is what Consumer Reports has been recommending to all of their readers since early 2016.16

Hey — I told you it was about to get very controversial, so stick with me here.

On May 31st, 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared that cell phone radiation and other sources of electromagnetic fields — or “EMFs” — are a Class 2B “Possible” carcinogen.17 But that was more than 6 years ago. Since then, the link between brain tumors and cell phone use has become even stronger.

Now, many independent researchers — like Dr. Lennart Hardell from the Department of Oncology at the Orebro University Hospital in Sweden — are warning the public that this radiation should be classified as a Class 1 “Known” carcinogen… next to formaldehyde, mustard gas, plutonium, and other extremely toxic compounds.18

Sure, skeptics could point out that there are many studies showing no link between cell phones and brain cancer. But are you really willing to take this bet? After all, Hardell’s latest research shows that every single year you use a cell phone will increase your risks of brain tumors by 8%...

But wait, it gets worse (depressing, I know).

If cell phone radiation increases your risks of developing a brain tumor... what do you think it does to the rest of your head?

According to the most recent studies, putting a cell phone next to your head can also trigger or worsen:

Headaches and migraines19

Memory loss and a leaky blood-brain barrier20



Hearing loss and tinnitus23

Skin cancer24 and premature aging25

Scary, I know.

But there are several easy ways to continue using your phone without increasing your cancer risks and feeling foggy, depressed or fatigued.
You can read about it on the next page.

Cell Phone Mistake #2
Keeping It In Your Front Pocket,
Back Pocket, Or Bra

Unless it’s on “Airplane Mode” or completely powered off, your phone is constantly emitting radiation as it tries to connect to a 4G/LTE cellular network, to a wifi network, or to a Bluetooth device.

So essentially, what you’re doing when you keep your phone in your pocket all day is that you’re slowly but surely “frying” your reproductive organs.

Science has confirmed how devastating this can be to men’s fertility. Since 2009, a total of six meta-analyses looking at a total of 201 studies have each concluded that cell phone radiation is linked with a dramatic reduction in sperm count, motility and morphology.26

What if you don’t plan on having children anytime soon? Well, maybe you’ll want to hear how this same radiation can possibly dramatically reduce your testosterone production,27 and quite possibly affect your libido as well.

What if you’re a woman? While the studies on women’s fertility and EMF radiation are limited, there are signs that they might damage the uterus,28 and it would be crazy to think this doesn’t disrupt your hormones — no matter your age.

There are also so many horrors stories to count about women who developed breast cancer right where they used to carry their cell phones29 — so better err on the side of caution, right?

You’ll learn exactly how to safely carry your cell phone and avoid its hormone-disrupting effects on the next page.

Cell Phone Mistake #3
Using It Next To Your Gut

If the first two mistakes didn’t make your jaw drop, this one will.

There are good reasons to think that using your cell phone next to your intestines and stomach — as you’re texting or scrolling your Instagram or Facebook feed — might be making your gut leaky while disrupting your entire digestive and immune systems.

Putting a phone next your head has been shown to weaken the very thin “blood-brain barrier” which protects invaders and toxins from getting into your brain,30 so it’s very plausible it can do the same to your delicate gut lining.

These foreign signals are also very disruptive to the delicate beneficial bacteria in your intestines (gut flora), slowing down their growth31 — while possibly making the viruses, superbugs and harmful bacteria that are trying to take over even stronger.32

Let me stop for a second and ask you this:

Do you need to start taking an expensive probiotic supplement to heal your gut, or do you simply need to stop blasting yourself with all this gut-disrupting radiation? Just food for thought.

The good news is that all these gut-disrupting side effects can be avoided — if you follow the simple steps I’ll share on the next page.

It’s Your Obligation To Learn The Simple Ways YOU Can Protect Yourself & Your Family (no tinfoil required)

What if you could learn how to avoid the health-zapping effects of electro-magnetic radiation in just seconds? You’ve already taken the first step and uncovered how not to use your cell phone... the next step is to uncover what to do instead.

Simply click the “Next Page” button below and you’ll discover a simple guide that will teach you how to reduce your radiation exposure by 95%, get EMFs out of your home and workplace, and enjoy better sleep, higher energy, and amazing health which are all natural consequences of a low-EMF lifestyle.

The solutions shared in The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs have been used by top doctors and health advocates from all around the world to help their patients heal faster, make “unexplainable” symptoms vanish and enjoy vibrant health. It’s based on the latest independent science, and backed by 500+ peer-reviewed research papers.

And since EMF exposure can affect every single cell in your body, this is also one of the fastest and cheapest ways to make everything you’re currently doing to get healthy, lose weight and feel amazing even more effective — without spending even more money on expensive supplements, organic foods, complicated diets or demanding exercise programs.